Twin-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled rebirth of a Ducati 500SL


The stock plugs in the Alazzurra 650 engine were NGK BP7HS spark plugs.

I replaced the stock plugs with Denso Iridium IWF22 plugs. I had these in my 1974 Land Rover, and have them in my Jaguar XJR as well. I really started using them in the Land Rover and they were the only plugs that ever really ran smoothly in my 2.25L. I haven’t done any other experimentation in my Pantah, and I am sure cheaper plugs will work equally well. Let me know if you have had success or failure stories.
Or visit the Official Denso Iridium page.

Other spark plugs that will fit the Alazzurra 650 engine: (these links go to … no affiliation)

  1. Autolite options
  2. Champion Options
  3. Denso Options
  4. NGK Options
  5. Splitfire Options