Twin-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled rebirth of a Ducati 500SL



This is a partial list of hardware that I replaced on my Marzocchi M1R forks. Eventually, I will organize this to include both low-cost and fancier metal and coating options. Izaac (from Pantaheads) just turned me on to yellow zinc screws. Now I have to start my list over.


  1. Eagle Day
  2. McMaster Carr
  3. Fastenal


Rebound adjuster:

  1. #8-15 x 5/8″ Phillips Flat Head Sheet Metal Screw [A4 316 SS]  x 1
  2. Black-Finish Steel Internal Retaining Ring for 17mm Bore Diameter x 1
  3. Metric Spring Steel Shim – DIN 988 0.1mm Thick, 10mm ID, 16mm OD x 1
  4. Metric Buna-N O-Ring 1.5 mm Width, 11 mm ID x 1
  5. Metric Buna-N O-Ring 1.5 mm Width, 5.5 mm ID x 1
  6. M6-1.0 x 20mm Socket Head Cap Screw [A4 316 SS] x 2



Bottom of forks:


Cross brace:


These are the markings on the stock seals from my Marzocchi M1R forks.

(in order of assembly)

Dust seal: Marzocchi 41.7 Rolf 4

Metal washer

Stop ring

Oil seal: Marzocchi 3 41.7 55 10 10.5 RP Rolf