Twin-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled rebirth of a Ducati 500SL

Remove the cylinder heads

The next step would be to remove the cylinder heads by loosening the head nuts with an open-ended wrench. As my heads were already removed, I hope someone can help fill this in for me. [INSERT HOW-TO REMOVE HEADS]

Remove the cylinder liners

After removing the heads, the cylinder liners should be removed. These can sometimes be assisted by tapping them with a dead blow hammer. If the hammer has two striking surfaces, use the soft plastic or rubber side when striking the cylinder liner to prevent damage. Be careful when removing the cylinder sleeve from the piston as not to damage the surface of the piston by dropping it on the sharp edge of the engine block after the liner is removed. My liners came out quite easily. Let me know if you have trouble removing yours and if you have other suggestions for removal.

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